The Strangest Days

Based on the story of Marcia of Vermont by Peter Stamm.

Peter is in New York. He wants to free himself from his parents, from the life he had led up until then. It’s his last days there. On Christmas Eve, he is approached on the street by Marica, who asks him for a cigarette. As he gives her fire, she wraps her hands protectively around his, then he walks her home. It is the beginning of a short but intense affair.

All of that was thirty years ago. What else does Peter remember? What really happened that night and the days that followed? And how did what happened change his life? Peter doesn’t know anymore, he doesn’t know it yet when he leaves for Valais to see Marica again. But what awaits him is much more than a past love.

Year: tba
Length: 90 min.

Country: Switzerland/USA

Written by: Arne Kohlweyer

Directed by: tba

Produced by: Claudia Lehmann

Supported by: Cultural Fond of Société Suisse des Auteurs (SSA)